Best Time to Visit Bhutan

The best time to visit Bhutan are in Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November). A couple of big festivals (Tsechu) takes place during this time and weather is favorable. The Paro Tsechu in March or April and the Thimphu Tsechu in September attract large numbers of foreign visitors as well as locals. Tsechus are religious festivals of Drukpa Buddhism. The focal point of the Tsechus are the sacred Cham Dances, these costumed masked dances typically are moral vignettes, or based on incidents from the life of the 9th century Buddhist teacher Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) and other saints. Most Tsechus also feature the unfurling of a Thongdrel or Thangka , a large tapestry typically depicting a seated Guru Rinpoche surrounded by holy beings, the mere viewing of the it is said to cleanse the viewer of sin. The Thongdrel is unrolled before dawn and rolled up by morning. If you can’t make it to one of these festivals there are smaller festivals somewhere in Bhutan almost every month.

There are also appeals and attractions during the Summer (June, July, august) and Winter (December, January, February) season. You won’t be missing out on the experience and satisfaction of visiting regardless of the seasons. Apart from festivals that are set during fixed dates, there are also other events you can join in on which is all year long. Bhutan is really good to visit almost throughout the year. It will be a bit cold during the winters but unlike some places around the world which is gloomy and snowy during the winters, we get clear sky everyday and people like to enjoy basking in the sun.  We also have a multitude of tour itineraries which you can pick from regardless of the dates. If you miss out on the festivals on the high season don’t fret, there is one every month.

Just take a look at the festival calendar :

  1. Bhutan Festival Dates 2017
  2. Bhutan Festival Dates 2018 (Tentative) 

To make your stay in Bhutan more interesting and memorable, we suggest you to combine your choice of tour itinerary with one of these festivals. Bhutan is really good to visit almost throughout the year.

Please keep in mind that most festivals fall during the peak season so you are advised to book your tour well in advance.