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About Us

Druk TerSar is a tours and travel agency dedicated to providing high quality service that is a well-balanced combination of warm Bhutanese hospitality and expert service delivery to our clients. “Druk” is the name the inhabitants of Bhutan call our beautiful Kingdom and “TerSar” is an amalgamation of two different Dzongkha words: “Terma”, means a hidden treasure and “Sarpo”, means new. Travel is an experience through which we inevitably discover new things. It brings us in contact with different cultures and different people and we have a more profound understanding of the world that we live in, both material and spiritual, after the barrier of our own limited assumptions are broken down by actually seeing, tasting, hearing and feeling what was earlier non-existent or foreign to us. This widening of the mind and perspective brings us closer to the true realization of the actual world we live in, where we find out what is real, human and beautiful. This, in turn, allows us to discover ourselves in a new light, which leads to a more enlightened view of our own existence and ourselves. This discovery of what was hidden within us, through travel and interaction with different cultures, is what TerSar means and stands for.

We are a team of very well-travelled multi-lingual Bhutanese nationals who understand, from our wide travel experience in Asia, Europe and Africa, the kind of experience our guests expect and deserve. We will not cut corners or make compromises in ensuring that you have the best of everything that this beautiful, peaceful and tradition-rich country has to offer. Our tours are specifically designed to give you a complete immersion into the traditional, cultural and historical elements of what makes up the beautiful Kingdom and its people in the most environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

In case you have specific requests not offered on our itineraries, you may rest assured that with the 10 years of touring experience we have in Bhutan, we can personalize any itinerary to specifically cater to your wishes. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]